Digital Surfacing

LMS Digital Surfacing Free-Form Processing

We Are Heavily Invested In Digital Technology

OLSS has committed our top resources to digital surfacing free-form technology. Our experts work alongside the brightest minds in the industry - equipment manufacturers, digital design vendors, and leading laboratory professionals. We actively participate in industry forums to bring an LMS perspective when developing industry standards for digital processing and system communications.

We make digital easy with simple order flows and seamless interfaces!

OLSS Digital Surfacing Software Features

  • Seamless LMS Integrations with most popular digital design calculators
  • Manages Multiple digital design calculator Interfaces simultaneously 
  • Interfaces with most popular digital capable equipment
  • Process both digital and/or traditional surfaced jobs seamlessly down the same equipment lines without operator knowledge or intervention (as permitted by equipment vendor)
  • Selection of generic or design-specific SV blanks is automatic based on the digital vendor
  • Full support for as-worn designs (including wrap, dynamic power, and variable length corridor designs)
  • Standard Order Entry process for both digital and traditional jobs
  • Physical inventory handled automatically (replenishment and usage on SV blank)
  • Manufacturer usage reporting based on vendor specific requirements by designs/material/coating, etc. 

Digital Design Vendor Interfaces:

Coming 2014  

OLSS Digital Capable Equipment Interfaces:


OLSS solutions fully support the VCA (OMA) industry standard protocol for equipment interfaces. We successfully interface with leading manufacturers of equipment and accessories products used in the digital lens manufacturing process. We offer fully validated interfaces with the following popular brands for use with OLSS LMS systems: