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Systems Integration is an area where OLSS truly excels. We specialize in improving interoperability and communication between LMS and other critical business applications by offering labs a full range of flexible, scalable integration options at various levels. Our goal is to provide you with effective integration strategies that can be implemented quickly and easily within a reasonable budget.

We provide several ready-made interfaces with popular optical industry affiliates as part of our standard LMS offer including:

  • Vision Web (inbound/outbound electronic orders and job status)
  • Eyefinity (VSP)
  • Opticom (lens ordering system)
  • FTP Inventory Replenishment (most major lens manufacturers)

We also offer a proprietary integration option for labs (and industry vendors) to submit inbound electronic Rx orders and remote frame tracings to our LMS, and collect outbound job status details from our LMS.  We furnish complete documentation describing the file formats our LMS systems require to automatically receive and process information without user intervention.

Custom integration services are available for more intricate interfaces with client-specific ERP systems, accounting and inventory systems, retail and practice management systems, and other proprietary 3rd party software systems. We have gained an enviable track record building complex integrations with some of the largest optical companies in the world, including large-scale ERP integrations with Oracle and SAP, and multiple states Medicaid systems for order and claims processing.  
Custom Development
While our LMS solutions are inherently designed for optimum flexibility and used successfully across a broad spectrum of optical laboratory environments, we recognize the importance of supporting our client’s desire to be unique and “do it their way”. Likewise, we also support industry affiliates who require LMS functionality and support in order for their products and services to be fully successful. Our custom development services provide labs and industry vendors the opportunity to build custom features into our LMS to support specific business requirements, products, and services.