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What's New 

  • Powerful Pentaho Report Writer 
  • Spanish Translations


OPTUITIVE™ is a revolutionary new full featured lab management system designed to drive labs towards maximum profitability and performance by leveraging innovative Cloud Based Technology and an exclusive Smart User Experience.


OPTUITIVE is browser based and built for optimum performance running in a cloud environmnt or local server. Labs can connect anytime… anywhere with popular internet web browsers using virtually any device, including smart phones, iPads, and tablets!


OPTUITIVE's Smart User Experience provides an ultra-modern user interface that incorporates advanced software usability techniques to deliver a powerful, yet familiar software interaction fully optimized in function, features, flow, content, and visual appearance. OPTUITIVE will empower the labs first responders to deliver exceptional service in record time from an exclusive smart service console where operators can perform all customer-related queries and functions quickly and efficiently in real-time.


Fully internationalized with multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-cultural capabilities, OPTUITIVE is able to support labs and users throughout the world automatically adapting the user interface to support the regions local language, cultural conventions, and currency notations.